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     I have this paranoia that whenever I get my self attached to one person too much, I would find myself crying for the fear of being left alone, hanging — again and again. People consider that goodbyes without even a wave at all, is the painful of all. But isn’t as painful as you see a person waving their hands and they move their feet away from you? And all you can do is to stare at them as they drift away in your sight. Seeing someone go is painful right? Others opted to turn around and be even, as they equally walk away from each other. But I prefer the alter — to see someone turn their back from me and amble through the surface of the road we used to meet half-way. The crooked place they have paved. And the uncovered waiting shed in which they served their very selves as a canopy. And this is for I know that would be the last time I would see them. It’s really painful to be left by someone you love. But it’s better if you’re not the one who gave up. And that’s the reason why I prefer standing at the end of the rays where the sun sets as where the person comes to his new way to the night. Leaving me torn apart.

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